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Parmigiano e Noci salad

In the Parmigiano e Noci Salad, envision a delightful interplay of flavors and textures. The crisp sweetness of ripe pear complements the rich, nutty Parmigiano, creating a satisfying contrast. Walnuts provide a satisfying crunch, and rocket adds a peppery kick. Crispy fennel contributes a subtle anise undertone. The lemon and olive oil vinaigrette ties it all together, serving as a perfect conductor orchestrating the taste experience. With each forkful, you encounter a well-balanced ensemble of ingredients, a testament to Nonna Lina’s commitment to crafting salads that go beyond the ordinary, showcasing a dedication to culinary excellence.

Pizza Nonno Vittorio

The Nonno Vittorio is a culinary masterpiece, a symphony of vibrant colors and exquisite flavors. The luscious red of the ripe tomatoes harmonizes with the creamy white of the fresh mozzarella, creating a visual feast. The grilled aubergines add a smoky depth, while the burst of sweetness from rosa tomatoes elevates the experience. A crown of vibrant green rucola dances atop, infusing a peppery zest. The final touch, delicate shavings of pecorino, enhances the ensemble with its robust, savory notes. Each bite is a journey through Italy flavours